an important step

to buy a house
When choosing a new home, emotions, trepidations and excitement, expectations of positive changes prevail. It is an important step in life. We are here to ensure that this moment is peaceful and free of doubts and fears, to follow you from the first visits to the deed. And if you want, after the sale we can recommend the professionals who can help you customize the property of your dreams.

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how to move

Having found the right property for you, the time comes to make a proposal to the seller. Obviously it's about the price. But that's not the only important information that can help you find an agreement. The timing of the deed, eventually conditioned by any mortgage, the need for compromise, the duration of the proposal itself and other details must always be specified in the text of the proposal. The deposit confirms the seriousness of your intentions and also the commitment of the owner if he accepts your offer.
It is important to consider the costs to be paid by the buyer. We can provide you with the necessary counts for the first or subsequent houses.

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