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acquamarina immobiliare

Our agency was born in February 2007 from friendship and the desire to share the love for Castiglione with its guests. We have chosen the name Acquamarina, from a pure and transparent stone like the sea of ​​our town and as our approach to the work.


58043 Castiglione della Pescaia (GR)
via Ansedonia, n.32

Working hours
Tuesday - Saturday: 10.00 - 13.00
15.00 - 18.00
10.00 - 13.00
Closing day: Monday

Out of season we are also closed on Sundays, but always available by appointment

laura mazzanti
Let me introduce myself. I'm Laura Mazzanti, I'm Tuscan and from Maremma by adoption. I did artistic studies which greatly influenced my character.
I have been involved in real estate management for over 20 years. Short and long leases, sales, evaluations, consultancy, are the areas of employment of the agency. At the beginning of my business it was not easy to establish myself but, over time, I discovered that being a woman was a great advantage. In fact, it gave me the opportunity to manage customers through a human relationship based on sensitivity and respect for ideas and expectations.
I have reached my current professionalism through many years of experience and study. Collaborations have enriched me with different methods. Contacts with many professionals, linked to the agency's operational sphere, have given me that additional wealth of experience which is indispensable for the conclusion of every deal in perfect harmony and safety.
But the fundamental element, which must make my agency choose, is not what I have just written. The fundamental element is honesty. It seems obvious to say. But I can guarantee that today it is by no means obvious. All of my business, always and forever, will be oriented towards the highest level of honesty that can be had. Each contract has been, and will be, concluded only with an honest conduct of the negotiations.
Each relationship has been, and will be, developed based on the highest standards of honesty and transparency. I'm Laura Mazzanti your trusted real estate agent and rest assured, she will never be betrayed!

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Language - Italian

Irina dremina
I discovered Castiglione della Pescaia way back in 1997, during a beach holiday with my kids. I literally fell in love with the country for its charm and I chose it to live there. With two children and with minimal knowledge of the Italian language, learning everything from scratch at the age of thirty-five proved to be fun. For example, even the little things like: finding a doctor, paying the bills, insuring the car were a difficulty, but also an achievement. The most exciting thing was doing homework, in Italian, with the children. … Slowly, as my children and their school experience grew up, my knowledge of the language also grew. I took up a new profession – helping people with the “housing shotage”.
This meant immersing yourself completely in the subject, developing empathy and responsibility, effectiveness in reacting and… patience! For me it is of fundamental importance to guarantee honest and trusting relationships.
My school education, the study of exact sciences, led me to precision and attention to detail. I feel the need to analyze and deepen the facts, avoiding superficiality.
I continue to study, to research, to be interested in many things, because I believe that knowledge and curiosity are the main assets in which to invest.
I have traveled and met people of different cultures and mentalities. I accept and welcome approaches and requests that can sometimes appear difficult to implement, trying to better understand the customer and his needs.
My life has been a life full of changes and new beginnings, so I can understand the anxiety and concern of a person faced with an important choice such as the one concerning their home.
Now some data:
I finished high school in 1983 in Beijing, graduated in physics in 1991 from Lomonosov Moscow State University. In 2000 I moved to Italy, in 2009 I was examined at the Chamber of Commerce of Grosseto and registered as a Business Agent in Mediation.
Mother of two children. Grandmother of four grandchildren. I am passionate about web design, photography, music, cinema and literature. I love cooking and… eating! Love my job and Italy.

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Registration of the company Acquamarina Immobiliare di Laura Mazzanti & C s.a.s. at the Chamber of Commerce of Grosseto – 08/02/2007
Laura Mazzanti – general partner - registration in the Roll of Business Agents in Mediation n.1323 of 08/31/2005
Irina Dremina – limited partner - registration in the Roll of Business Agents in Mediation n.1601 of 02/19/2010