Note: This list lists the documents generally required for a real estate purchase and may not be exhaustive. It is recommended that you contact your trusted notary for further information on the documentation necessary for the specific sale.

documents to be provided in case you by a house in italy

1. Valid identity document (notifying any change of residence)
2. Tax code
3. Extract of marriage certificate or certificate of single status (or extract of birth certificate) or civil union
4. Copy of any property agreements or cohabitation agreements
5. Copy of the preliminary sale.
6. Copy of the means of payment of the amount already paid
7. Data of the real estate broker with indication of the agreed commission and photocopy of the means of payment of the amount already paid
In case of purchase of a home as a first home: Copy of any deeds of purchase of sale of the previous home and of any invoice from the seller and/or the notary for the deduction of registration tax or VAT paid (tax credit).
In case of purchase pertaining to the "first home" home: Copy of the deed of purchase of the home.
In the event of a loan application: Communicate the contact information for the bank that will grant the loan.